Children's Party

6-24 participants

Game description:

The party is set is a real studio where we stage a TV-show with the best challenges from the children’d favorite shows as well as several original games that the children play. How about Guess Who, Memory 2.0, Mega Quiz, Mystery Box etc. Each show consists of four rounds and a final. We use illuminated podiums with buzzers for our different quizzes and then a lot of fun props for the more physical challenges. Our children’s shows are hosted by our amazing hosts who makes sure spirits are high throughout the show. The children are usually very impressed when they enter the studio and at the same time excited as it really has a feel of a real TV-show. It is guaranteed to be a party that the children talk about for a long time.

The party is set is a real studio where we stage a TV-show with the best challenges from the children’d favorite shows as well as several original games that the children play.

The price includes the Game Show itself which takes about an hour. There is also an additional hour to stay in the studio and enjoy the party on your own. The last hour is a perfect time for opening presents, having a disco, cake, etc. You are welcome to bring your own cake, soft drinks and treats. There is also a possibility to use our sound-and light system to have a disco in the studio where the Game Show has been.

Throughout the party our studio hosts are also available and happy to help. The price also includes access to our kitchen which contains plates, glasses, cutlery and bowls. Cleaning and washing up is included in the price.

Description of the course of games:

Guess Who?

In Guess Who? a picture will appear on screen of someone or something. The picture in completely pixelated but gradually becomes clearer and clearer. As soon as you know who or what is appearing on the picture you press your buzzer and give your answer.

Mega quiz

Mega Quiz consists of two part, What’s playing? and Stop that film. In What’s playing contestants have to be the quickest to guess what song is playing and who the artist is. In Stop that film a classic YouTube clip is played, and contestants have to guess the ending.

Mystery Box

Each team are given a black bag. When the time starts teams open their bag. Inside is a task you have to complete before the time is up!

Master Memory

First the contestants are shown twelve movie posters on the big screens, They then have one minute to memories the posters. When the minute is up the contestants are given a board with twelve images connected to the movies. They then have to put the right image in the right place!

One billion dollars

The final is a classic quiz in true Who Wants to be a Millionaire spirit. 10 questions with four possible answers.

What do you need to bring?

Nothing in particular. If you want to bring treats, drinks or food that’s fine. Plates, bowls and glasses are available to use. If you want decorations such as ballons you are welcome to bring that. If you are serving ice cream or drinks it is possible to store this in a fridge and freezer until it is time to serve.

When do we have access to the space?

You are welcome to come 15 minutes before your party starts. On Sundays we usually have two or three parties in a row. This means that there might be another party happening up until 30 minutes before your show starts. If you want to come in early and drop some things off for the party beforehand, we are always staffed from at least 90 minutes before the party starts.

Are there any age limits for the children’s party?

The children’s party is suitable for ages 7-10, so it is best for a 8th, 9th and 10th birthday party.

Do you need to think about the children’s clothing?

There are no tasks that are particularly physically challenging, so the children can wear whatever optional party outfit they wish.

When are the children’s parties available?

They are only available on Sundays. We have three slots to choose between: 10-12, 12:30-14:30 or 15-17.


Children's Party

3900 SEK for groups of 6-24 children

Basic information

60 minuter game show & 60 minutes party time

Location Map Description

6-24 participants 

Additional options

Bring your own treats and sweets 

Or order crisps and sweets from On Air, priced at 45 SEK per child. 

Important information

It is fine to book online even if you are unsure of exact numbers. There is no payment necessary at the time of booking, instead you pay on the day of the party. Make a rough estimate of the number of children so that we can staff accordingly. Please give us a call if you have any questions!