Dinner Show

40-90 participants

Game description:

The studio is set up for an evening of games, food and wine. In true Game Show spirit our hosts will lead the evening and challenge you in different antics and entertaining games. Each table consists of one team that battles it out for the win. Games are spread our through the evening around main course and desert. The unique combination of humour, excitement and interaction means that the atmosphere for the guests is always top-notch. We collaborate with two of Gothenburg's best food trucks that deliver the food to our Game Show studio! Choose between Rollin Bistros' street food or a classic Swedish taco party from Swedish Taco. 

Description of the course of games:

Danger Zone: We bring the Jeopardy board into the 2020s and ask both tricky and fun questions. Remember to answer with a question.

Tomboozle!: Hur many meters tall is the Turning Torso? How many emperors have China had? How many Olympic medals has Michael Phelps won? The higher the number you answer, the higher the points you get. But watch out not to go to high because then you opponents can steal your points!

Who is Out?: A classic with fun and tricky solutions.

Doomsday clock: The evening is completed with a fast-paced final where your points are converted into seconds. In a crazy battle against both the clock and your opponents you have to answer as many questions correctly in as short a time as possible.

Choose between Rollin Bistros or Swedish Taco:


Rolling Bistros serve street food inspired by the whole world. The menu consists of four smaller dishes:

Salmon Toro al Fuego

Soy-cured salmon brisket, gari, horseradish, cucumber, pickled mustard seeds

Mushroom & Egg

Garlic roasted mushrooms with poached egg, parmesan crunch & parsley

Holy Tartufo

A modern & decadent coleslaw with fresh truffle

Steak Tartar

Tartar of sirloin steak, fresh truffle, miso majo and comte


Chocolate brulee with peanuts and coconut


Swedish Taco serve different types of tacos where the focus is on fresh produce, fresh combinations and food cooked from scratch. We are certain that we have something for everyone – and in our cooking you will find influences from both Mexican & Swedish cuisine, but also a lot of our own creations and flavour combinations!

On the menu:

#1 Hawaii Bowl

Deep taco plate filled with salad & mixed veggies, Swedish minced beef, nachos & guacamole made from fresh avocados. The bowl is topped with cheese, pineapple salsa, pickled red onion, tomato salsa, sour cream and sriracha mayo.

Vegetarian: Swap minced beef for our own veggie mince made from cauliflower, black beans and taco spice.


 #2 Gringo Burrito

Tortilla filled with crushed up nachos, salad, vegetables and Swedish minced beef. The burrito is topped with cheese, jalapenos tomato salsa and chili mayo before it is rolled up and served with nachos and guacamole made from fresh avocados.

Vegetarian: Swap minced beef for our own veggie mince made from cauliflower, black beans and taco spice.


Key Lime Pie

Fresh and tart pie served with lightly whipped cream and fresh berries.


Dinner Show

1095 SEK per person (minimum charge is 40 people)

Basic information

Approx. 5 hours

Location Map Description

40-90 participants 

Additional options

The bar will be open and selling wine, beer, cava and soft drinks. You can pay by invoice or card. 

Choose between Rollin Bistros' food truck or Swedish Taco 

Important information

Language: The show is available in Swedish or in English if requested at the time of booking. 

The show is easily bookable online. Payment is done by invoice. If you can't find an available time that suits you or you have questions, please get in touch and we will arrange the best setup for your group.