In it to win it

15-45 participants

Game description:

In the newly renovated studio 1 on Mälartorget you join your very own Game Show where your host will challenge you in a quiz and crazy challenges in a high tempo. Just like on TV there is a studio with cool lighting, screens and stages. There is also an opportunity to have a drink, relax with your colleagues and of course: give it your all to win the show. The focus is on the team members complementing each other as the challenges varies from tricky tasks, physical challenges and quick thinking. Do you want to find out more about the concept? Click here to come to On Airs FAQ page. 

Description of the course of games:

Danger Zone: We bring the Jeopardy board into the 2020s and ask both tricky and fun questions. Remember to answer with a question.

Tomboozle!: Hur many meters tall is the Turning Torso? How many emperors have China had? Hw many Olympic medals have Michael Phelps won? The higher the number you answer, the higher the points you get. But watch out not to go to high because then you opponents can steal your points!

Where are we going?: We take inspiration from a classic SVT show and head out on a journey to a city somewhere in the world. The quicker you answer, the more points you get!

Doomsday clock: The evening is completed with a fast-paced final where your points are converted into seconds. In a crazy battle against both the clock and your opponents you have to answer as many questions correctly in as short a time as possible.


In it to win it

345 SEK per person (minimum charge is 15 people)

Basic information

75 minutes

On Air is located on Mälartorget 19 in the Old Town.

The show is suitable for 15-45 participants. However, there is no problem in booking the show if you are fewer than that. Minimum charge is 15 people. 

Additional options

Soft drinks and alcohol drinks available at the bar. 

Snack feast: 65 SEK per person · Pringles pyramid · Chocolate

Important information

It is easy to book online. Payment is made by card. If you can't find an available time that suits you or you have questions please get in touch and we will arrange the best setup for your group.

Phone: 08-446 65 61. E-mail: