Points Points Points!

6-16 participants

Game description:

Right now in Studio 3 we are hosting POINTS! POINTS! POINTS! A Game Show with rivetingly and exciting challenges that has something to offer everyone. Exactly like on the TV the studio is equipped with podiums, screens and buzzers. Do you want to know more about the concept? Click here for On Air’s FAQ page.

Description of the course of games:

Danger Zone: We bring the Jeopardy board into the 2020s and ask both tricky and fun questions. Backwards songs, Baffling Brands and Pixelated Pictures are just some of the things that can appear.

Wavelength: In Wavelength you need to know as much as possible about your opponents. One of the contestants writes a list of films, characters, dishes or whatever the category might be. The teammates and other contestants then write down their own lists – and try to match their list as much as possible to the original contestant!

Who is Out?: Our classic odd one out game where three objects have something in common and one is wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. 

Tickin' Time Bomb: In the intense final you can make a lot of points for correct answers, but you also end up with the bomb! You need to be lucky but also keep it cool – the team left with the bomb when it explodes get 500 minus points. On top of the challenges there are also several double chances and other surprises where teams challenge each other.


Points Points Points!

345 SEK per person (minimum charge is 8 people)

Basic information

75 minutes

On Air is located on Mälartorget 19 in the Old Town.

The show is suitable for 4-12 participants (or 16 people if you squeeze in). Minimum charge is 8 people. 

Additional options

The bar opens 15 minutes before your booked showtime. In the bar you will find cava, beer, cider, wine and soft drinks. 

Snack feast: 65 SEK per person · Pringles pyramid · Chocolate 

Important information

It is easy to book online. Payment is taken by card when you arrive. If you can't find an available time that suits you or you have questions please get in touch and we will arrange the best setup for your group. 

Phone: 08-446 65 61. E-mail: stockholm@onairgameshows.com