4 - 15 participants

Game description:

Razzel is a Game Show focused on entertainment, excitement and a pinch of classic knowledge. Just like on TV the studio is equipped with podiums, screens and buzzers. The Game Show is suitable for all ages and groups. Everyone is active through the show and participates until the end. In the studio we focus on challenges, excitement and having fun! There are no embarrassing moments and everyone can join on their own terms. You have the studio completely to yourselves together with On Air’s host. Do you want to know more about the concept?

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Description of the course of games:

Triss i quiz: A potpurri of our quiz favorites, compromised into mini-rounds that together make up our first round. In Triss I Quiz we compete in Don’t stop the music, Rapper or Race horse? and Tis' the season.

Next in line: A celebrity-chain where we move in between celebrities and characters in the most unexpected ways. What does Orup have in common with Rafael Nadal? And how do we get from Joan of Arc to Thomas Ravelli? Each correct answer give you a gold coin, and a chance to win another one.

Mambo no.5: In Mambo no.5 quick thinking and ability to associate are great assets. We show the first four images in a rod and contestants have to figure our what the fifth image is. Everything is made a little bit more complicated by the fact that you don’t know what order we are looking for!

Maxpoint: We have asked the same question to 50 people chosen at random, and then we ask you the same question. The less of the 50 people that have given the same answer as you, the more points you get!

Truth or Consequences: Everything comes to a head in the final. We will give you different statements and you have to sort truth from fiction. If you answer correctly you get a lot of points, but take a wrong step and you get minus points instead.



345 SEK, minimum charge is 8 people

Basic information

75 minutes

On Air is located on Mälartorget 19 in the Old Town.

The show is suitable for 4-15 participants. Minimum charge is 8 people. 

Additional options

The bar opens 15 minutes before your booked showtime. In the bar you will find cava, beer, cider, wine and soft drinks. 

Snack feast: 65 SEK per person · Pringles pyramid · Chocolate 

Important information

It is easy to book online. Payment is taken by card when you arrive. If you can't find an available time that suits you or you have questions please get in touch and we will arrange the best setup for your group.

Phone: 08-446 65 61. E-mail: stockholm@onairgameshows.com