Dear HR colleagues, it's time for an online game show! Roll up your sleeves and show us what you got! The winner will be awarded with a very nice price... See you at the game show

Johanna & Filippa  

Use your computer to follow the show on Zoom video conference and turn your mobile phone into a buzzer.

Welcome to join!

For video go to: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88924451543

You will be asked to download a zoom file. Not downloading? Klick the small black arrow in the top right corner in your tool bar and klick on the Zoom file.

For buzzer on your phone, go to www.onairbuzzer.com

You will use the phone to compete during the show. For best experience turn of auto lock on your phone so that you have fast access to your phone. 

Video feed starts at 10.25. Show starts at 10.33 and ends approximately 11.30. 


Game Show!