In it to Win it

10-42 deltagere

Game description:

On Air is coming to Copenhagen spring 2024. We are not open yet, but will soon start taking reservations. 

In It to Win It is inspired by the spontaneous and playful game shows of the nineties. It's our most wide-ranging show where the participating teams will compete in many different kinds of challenges and questions.

Just like on TV there is a studio with cool lighting, screens and podiums. There is also an opportunity to have a drink, relax with your colleagues and of course: give it your all to win the game. The focus is on the team members complementing each other as the challenges varies from tricky tasks, physical challenges and quick thinking. Do you want to find out more about the concept? Click here to come to On Airs FAQ page.

Description of the course of games:

A few examples of what you can compete in:

Danger zone - we've brought Jeopardy into the 21st century. There are five different categories of questions and a few hidden surprises.

Jukebox - In this fun medley of our favorite music rounds, you'll compete in different categories such as One Hit Wonders, Siri Sings and Backwards Songs.

Tomboozle - How tall is the Eiffel Tower? And how many emperors has China had? The higher your guess, the more points you get, but if you guess too high, you risk losing them all.

Master Memory - The children's favorite game, but with a twist. You will need memory, preparedness and a little bit of luck to score max points in this round.

Crossroads - In the grand finale, we separate the sheep from the goats when your team has to bet the points you have accumulated throughout the show. Only one team goes home as winners!


In it to Win it

345 DKK per person (minimum charge is 10 people)

Basic information

75 minutes

On Air is located on Gothersgade 8F in central Copenhagen. Enter through the tunnel and you will find the entrance in the courtyard. Phone: 33122222

8-42 people

Additional options

Soft drinks and alcohol drinks available at the bar. 

Snack feast: 55 DKK per person · Pringles pyramid · Chocolate

Important information

Language: The show is available in Danish and English if requested at the time of booking.

The show is easily bookable online. Payment is done by card at the studio. If you can't find an available time that suits you or you have questions please get in touch and we will arrange the best setup for your group.