For 6-36 participants

Game description:

Showtime is a gameshow with thrilling and somewhat trickier challenges that have something for everyone. Just like on TV the studio is equipped with podiums, screen and buzzers.

It is a Game Show suitable for any workplace and colleagues. Everyone is active through the show and participates until the end regardless of how big the group is. In the studio we focus on challenges, excitement and having fun! There are no embarrassing moments and everyone can join on their own terms.

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Description of the course of games:

Reporter on the Town: Reminiscent of Jeopardy! Who or what are the strangers in the street talking about?

Who is Out?: We take inspiration from ”Fem myror är fler än fyra elefanter” and place four objects in our lattjo lajban-cabinet. Three of the objects have something in common and one is wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.

Party Wrecker: A medley of songs gives you clues about a famous piece of work. First to hit their buzzer gets to answer!

Sixy Colours: Place your blocks in the correct order by figuring out a jumble of clues coming at you at high speed.

Gold Rush: Our final is all about pure knowledge. Who collects the most gold bars during the final to be crowned as the winner?



494 SEK per person including VAT (minimum charge is 10 people)

Basic information

90 minutes

On Air Örebro is located at Stortorget 7

Tel. 019-25 30 40

The show is suitable for 6-36 participants. Minimum charge is 10 people. 

Additional options

The bar is open and drinks can be ordered on the day. You can bring your drinks into the studio and enjoy them as you play. 

Gather the group before or after the Game Show and eat directly adjacent to the studio. How about a burger, veal schnitzel or why not a nice pike-perch?

Sweets are so delicious so why not eat as much as you can? Order our snacks buffet: crisps, popcorn, chocolate and pick n' mix.

Important information

The show is easily bookable online. Payment is done at the studio, either by card or by invoice if you are an invoice client. Do you need help making your booking? Phone: 019-25 30 40. E-mail: