For 6-36 participants

Game description:

In studio 1 on Mälartorget you join your very own Game Show where your host will challenge you in a quiz and crazy challenges in a high tempo. Just like on TV there is a studio with cool lighting, screens and podiums. There is also an opportunity to have a drink, relax with your colleagues and of course: give it your all to win the game. The focus is on the team members complementing each other as the challenges varies from tricky tasks, physical challenges and quick thinking. Do you want to find out more about the concept? Click here to come to On Airs FAQ page.

Description of the course of games:

Lightning Round: The Weather Channel presents a lightning quick round. Celebrities, music and other things will be on the table so throw yourself on the Buzzer before your opponents.

Rewriting History: The Fake History Channel plays songs that can be associated to a historical figure or event. Your mission is to figure out what really was going on and collect points throughout a multitude of small rounds.

Robertson: Marooned on a tropical island we'll experience an auction fit for a deserted TV-set. The host will auction out Double Chance Catchers, Thief-tokens and mysterious boxes that can make the difference between life and death, or atleast win or loss.

Game Show the Game Show: In Game Show the Game Show the contestants get the chance to help the host complete a Game Show in the Game Show. Glitter, Prize Wheels and Catchphrases are guaranteed!

Fort Treasure: In the thrilling finale it's up to you to use both pop culture-knowledge and logical thinking to find the codes to the safe and get your hands on as much gold as you can. But hurry up, the clock is ticking!

Included in the show are Double Chances and other surprises where the teams get to challenge each other and compete for additional gold coins.

The competition Game Show the Game will allow someone in the group to come up on stage and lead part of the show. This is a perfect opportunity to personalise the show by adding questions about the company or the co-workers. Write 4 questions on a paper and submit in the bar on arrival. Make sure the writing is legible and don't forget the answer!



494 SEK per person including VAT (minimum charge is 10 people)

Basic information

90 minutes

On Air Örebro is located at Stortorget 7

Tel. 019-25 30 40

The show is suitable for 6-36 participants. Minimum charge is 10 people. 

Additional options

The bar is open and drinks can be ordered on the day. You can bring your drinks into the studio and enjoy them as you play. 

Gather the group before or after the Game Show and eat directly adjacent to the studio. How about a burger, veal schnitzel or why not a nice pike-perch?

Sweets are so delicious so why not eat as much as you can? Order our snacks buffet: crisps, popcorn, chocolate and pick n' mix.

Important information

The show is easily bookable online. Payment is done at the studio, either by card or by invoice if you are an invoice client. Do you need help making your booking? Phone: 019-25 30 40. E-mail: