Online Game Shows

From Studio 1 at On Air in Stockholm there is a possibility to air your Game Show live online to anywhere in Sweden or the world. When the pandemic hit in 2020, On Air developed a possibility to play games remotely by joining the shows on your phone or computer. The last four years On Air have produced roughly 400 Game Shows online. The standard concept contains around 60 minutes of entertainment where a host on stage in our studio leads the shows. The host can also be joined in the studio by a guest from the participating group. Participants are at home or spread out in different offices and follow the show on their computer and use their phone as a buzzer. 

Your group chooses what concept suits best. The most popular shows so far have been “Ticket to Win”, and the team-building special “On Air’s Team Play”. Usually groups use the opportunity to mix business with pleasure and use the studio in between the challenges to hold presentations or panel shows. Sometimes On Air can also help with larger productions, such as digital conferences, where we create the concept and graphics and host a full day with guest lecturers, music entertainment, panel shows and competitions. 

specialanpassade game shows för kunder och kollegor
Digitala showen "Gäst i Test"