Catch Up

15-45 participants

Game description:

Catch Up is available from 28/8, until then: ZAP!

You’ll be welcomed into studio 1 where our entertaining host will lead you through an action packed game show. 

It’ll feel like you’re in a real TV Studio, under the lights, standing at your podium and hitting your teams buzzer. The focus is on the teams, testing different skills and knowledge, everyone has a part to play and all teams will have a chance for glory right up until the very end. 

It’s hard to get on top and even harder to stay there, because when you’re in the lead, everyone else is playing Catch Up!   

Do you want to find out more about the concept? Click here to come to On Airs FAQ page.

Description of the course of games:

Catch Up Question: Throughout the Game Show the leading team will get special questions giving the other teams a chance to “Catch Up”. Can they handle the pressure and stay on top?

Pop Up: A series of rounds testing your knowledge of popular culture. Can you guess the song when we’ve slowed it down? Can you tell us what came first, a song or a famous clip? And can you fix our broken karaoke machine and figure out what it is playing? 

Order Order: Put the images in the correct order. Sounds easy, but it gets harder as we go along.

Ka-Ching: Teams take it in turns attempting to knock down items from the shelf on the stage. Can they guess the right price of that item? And do the other teams agree? In this game we’re playing for points and gold bars!

Disco Down: After answering certain bonus questions correctly teams will come on down and drop a disc down our Disco board, where will it land? And how many bonus points will they get?  

The Overly Complicated Game Show Round: A series of rounds that sound more complicated than they actually are. Sometimes we won’t want the correct answer, sometimes you’ll have to beat the clock, without being able to see the clock and sometimes you can choose how many points you want, with a twist of course. 

Chosen One: How much do you know about your teammates? A member from each team comes down to the stage and answers questions, though it’s their teammates that will be buzzing in for them.

The Final Catch Up: The team in the lead heads into our pulse thumping finale to see if they can take home victory. The other teams are working together to stop them, if they succeed then the best performing team will snatch away glory right at the very end!


Catch Up

450-650 SEK

Basic information

90 minutes

On Air is located on Mälartorget 19 in the Old Town.

The show is suitable for 15-45 participants. However, there is no problem in booking the show if you are fewer than that. Minimum charge is 15 people.

Additional options

Soft drinks and alcohol drinks available at the bar. You can pay by invoice or card. 

Snack feast: 65 SEK per person  · Pringles pyramid · Chocolate

Canapés: Three canapés for 125 SEK per person: Skagentoast with hand-peeled shrimp · Parma ham with artichokecrème on Croustini · Smoked salmon with roasted fennel-mayo on rye bread.

Pan pizza: One slice per person, cut into two smaller pieces, choose between a seasonal vegetarian or prosciutto. Served during the show, 75 SEK per person.

All prices excluding taxes.

Important information

It is easy to book online. Payment is taken via invoice. If you can't find an available time that suits you or you have questions please get in touch and we will arrange the best setup for your group. 

Phone: 08-446 65 61.