6-16 participants

Game description:

Our newest game show, The Switch-a-Roo, the Game Show that asks the question “Your team might win, but will you even be on your team?”. Fun and laughter is ensured and fierce rivalries formed as players could switch teams at any point throughout the show! For extra suspense and excitement, throughout the show teams will spin the real Game Show wheel in our studio.

Exactly like on the TV the studio is equipped with podiums, screens and buzzers. Do you want to know more about the concept? Click here for On Air’s FAQ page.

Description of the course of games:

What’s the Word: A classic game show round to start with. Can you guess the location? the famous expression? the activity? We’ll reveal the answer one letter at a time. 

Are We There Yet?: Our teams will travel around the world from location to location. The teams will have to figure out what locations we are looking for and also how far away they are. A round that will test association skills with the ability to judge distance. 

What Goes Up?: Teams will get up and play on the “What Goes Up” board that is built into the wall in our studio. By figuring out the numbers on the back of our spinning discs teams will try and work their way to the top of the board. But what goes up, must come down.  

Familiar Faces: An On Air favourite makes its return to our studios with brand new questions. We’ll play you a well known song, but can you say who is singing from the familiar faces? 

Double Date Dare: A round to test teams daring as well as their knowledge as teams place historic events between two dates. Fortune may favour the brave but maybe playing it safe will win you this round. 



345 SEK per person (minimum charge is 8 people)

Basic information

75 minutes

On Air is located on Mälartorget 19 in the Old Town.

The show is suitable for 6-12 participants (or 16 people if you squeeze in). Minimum charge is 8 people. 

Additional options

The bar opens 15 minutes before your booked showtime. In the bar you will find cava, beer, cider, wine and soft drinks. 

Snack feast: 65 SEK per person · Pringles pyramid · Chocolate 

Important information

It is easy to book online. Payment is taken by card when you arrive. If you can't find an available time that suits you or you have questions please get in touch and we will arrange the best setup for your group. 

Phone: 08-446 65 61. E-mail: stockholm@onairgameshows.com