Online: Team Play

For 6-30 participants

Game description:

It is easy to arrange, easy to use and easy to play. Just share the link with the participants, no downloads needed. Initially everyone gathers in the lobby to mingle and socialise. Our professional host greets everyone and divides you into team of between two to five people. The host will then start the show. 

Description of the course of games:

The teams play against each other in different interactive games. Each team member is active the whole time and take turn being captain.

The game contains things like a classic trivia round, a fact matching game where you get to know your colleagues better, fastest-on-the-buzzer rounds and a Pictionary round where everyone takes turns drawing.

In the end of the show everyone gathers and creates a memento from the event in the digital photobooth. On Air’s Team Play is a fun and simple mix of socializing, team-building and gameplay.


Online: Team Play

295 SEK per person (minimum charge is 10 people)

Basic information

45 minutes online

On Air is located on Mälartorget 19 in the Old Town.

The show is suitable for 6-30 participants online. 

Additional options


Important information

You can book via the website. If you have any requests for extended start time or extra content for you stream, please contact us via phone 08-446 65 61. Or send us via e-mail on