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On Air's founder had always wanted to be in a Game Show on TV, but never got the chance. Why not build a Game Show studio where everyone can participate? Welcome to a completely unique entertainment concept!


  • What is On Air?

    On Air is the place where you can bring friends, family and colleagues to compete in a Game Show exactly like on TV, but without the cameras. 

    Here you will find a bar serving cava, beer, wine and soda. There is a studio with podiums, question screens, buzzers and of course a host to lead the show. 

    You and your group will have the studio to yourselves during the event which is usually about 75-90 minutes long. 

    On Air is simply a place where you can have tons of fun! 

  • Where can I find On Air?

    On Air has locations in Copenhagen, Örebro, Gothenburg and Stockholm. Soon we will also be opening in other parts of the world. 

  • What ages will enjoy a Game Show?

    A Game Show is suitable for anyone between 18 and 110 years. Everyone is active and competes the whole time, regardless of how big the group is. In the studio there is a focus on challenges, excitement and having fun! There are no embarrassing moments and everyone can join in on their own terms.

  • How many can join?

    The capacity varies between our different studios. Have a look at the different cities pages and you will find a maximum number of participants for the different shows. We also offer digital options for remote Game Shows as well as opportunities where On Air comes to other locations, for example your office or conference space. When we come to you the number of participants is only limited by the capacity of the space.  

  • I want to start an On Air! Can I do that?

    Yes! Right now we are looking for franchisees in various cities in Europe. Please get in touch with us if you would like to know more. 

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