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Franchise your own Game Show Studio


On Air is a highly successful and very unique event entertainment concept. Now you can run a professional Game Show establishment. On Air started designing and producing Game Show events for the the Swedish market in 2014 and has today evolved into a very successful event entertainment concept with in-house studios including bars and lounge areas. Although some shows have been recorded, our focus is on the giving the participants an unique experience where the real excitement comes from the games, questions, studio props, game show hosts and unique environment in which the show is set.

What we do

On Air specialises on business groups where the main focus is teambuilding and/or celebrating. The customers range from groups of 6 up to groups of 500. Besides the business groups we also welcome private parties, mainly on weekends. The On Air Concept could easily be described as “Compete like they do on TV – without the cameras”.

People like to compete together, preferably with a beer or glass of wine in their hand. People tend to think that what happens on TV will never happen to them. At On Air they get to compete like only famous people do on TV and the shows are always designed so that a variety of different skills and abilities are put to the test so that people (in general) think that they’re smart. They have fun and we make money.

Success factors behind the concept

Wide customer span – since the start 2014 we have welcomed groups of lawyers, plumbers, accountants, sales personnel, carpenters, creators, management consultants, IT-technicians, and the list goes on. We can say with certainty the On Air concept is something that will work with any group, no matter occupation, gender, age, etc. All year around – due to the wide customer span the demand for our services is kept on high levels throughout the entire year. Many other event concepts struggle with seasonal dips that make it hard to fully commit to their business – we don’t! High margins – the uniqueness and attractiveness of the concept together with a constant stream of loyal and very pleased customers has enabled us to keep a relatively high price level, as customer groups are willing to pay more for a new, unique, fun and engaging activity. The concept is also built around an effective and activity-based staff strategy, that results in low personnel costs and exceptional margins when we welcome larger groups to On Air.

Choose your concept

To sum it up

On Air is a ready-to-go concept that has been developed over time and is today a complete solution to run a Game Show event establishment. From the technical aspects, interior design, booking, staffing and marketing to the actual show content, studio props, scripts and general know-how, everything is set to go. And in addition to that, On Air will annually provide the Franchisee with new material and training so that customers can return for new shows and new challenges.
As a Franchisee we want you to focus on creating an exceptional team with dedicated staff and fully commit to the sales and marketing of an already functioning concept which will be the fastest way to increasing turnover and maximizing profits. If you are interested in knowing more about On Air and our Franchise opportunities, please fill out the form below and we will get in contact with you shortly.


Comprehensive pre-opening training including five days in Stockholm and five days on-site with management and staff

Setup plan

On Air Setup plan to assist in venue and location decisions including two on-site visits to evaluate and analyze different locations

Interior design

Interior design assistance with full 3D layout and total setup proposal

Business systems

Business systems including booking and staffing functions

Technical solution

Ready-to-go technical solution including software, lights and sound control. Also Assistance with sourcing of venue-specific technical installations and equipment


Ongoing support, field visits and audits.


Access and usage of a, for the territory dedicated, On Air website.

Marketing support

Marketing support with on-site video production for an effective social media launch campaign

The business model

The business model, know-how and accumulated experience of On Air, as packaged in the On Air Concept and described in our comprehensive and user-friendly digital handbook

Ready to go

Ready-to-go, entertaining and professionally designed Game Shows, including graphics, video, studio props, technical solutions, etc.

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